The Gull Lake Association owns, operates, and maintains, the dam which forms Gull Lake, Michigan

The Gull Lake Association is comprised of lakefront property owners around the shores of Gull Lake. Its only purpose is to own, operate, and maintain the dam which controls the water in Gull Lake. Surprisingly, some newer residents may not even be aware that Gull Lake is controlled by a dam. The first Gull Lake dam was built in the early 1830’s and resulted in lake levels which were several feet higher than the current lake. In the late 1800’s and up to about 1906 the dam provided power to the Price Cereal Food Co. which operated a large mill at the current dam location. After the mill failed, the dam deteriorated and the lake was at risk of loosing the dam. The Gull Lake Association was formed in 1921 to acquire the dam, make repairs, and regulate the water level.

The Gull Lake Association has owned the dam since 1921. Each Fall the water level is dropped 8 to 12 inches to reduce ice damage to the shoreline, and each Spring the water level is brought back to normal Summer level. While the speed of change and exact level is highly dependent on the cooperation of the weather, our dam gives us a far more reliable lake level than virtually any other lake in this part of Michigan. On Gull Lake we have been accustomed to lake levels which are repeatable to a few inches from season to season. On most other Midwestern lakes the variations are usually counted in feet!

Membership is open to all owners of lakefront property on Gull Lake and it is important that all property owners participate. While the financial contribution required of each member is rather modest, each is critical to the increasingly expensive task of caring for the dam, and thus our lake.

If you are a property owner on Gull Lake and are already a member of the Gull Lake Association, thank you. If you are not, we need your participation! If your neighbors have not joined us, we need them too! This is important to your property and all owners need to participate!

Each year, this job becomes more expensive, as costs involving insurance, and maintenance, are ever increasing. In addition to the routine yearly expenses, we must undertake a professional (and expensive) engineering safety study of the dam every 5 years to satisfy the requirements of the state.

To become a member you must first purchase your shares of voting stock. Each owner is entitled to purchase one share for every 50 feet of lake frontage or portion thereof.

So . . . if you own 45 feet, you should purchase one share. If you own 90 feet, you should purchase 2 shares, and if you own 160 you should purchase 4 shares. Shares cost only $20 each and each share carries one vote.

Each year, all shares are assessed $10 each for the maintenance and operation of the dam. Shares which are more than 3 years in arrears become void and are purged.

It is important that all lakefront property owners participate in this association. Please don’t ask your neighbor to carry your share.

For more information you may e-mail: GullLakeDam@gmail.com

or to join, please download and fill out this form. (updated 5/31/2017)